Friday, November 28, 2008

My pretty little flat

In reality, pictures of my room., the flat is too boring.

Do not ask what that thing is, i do not know ok? It comes from the second hand market and i thought it looked like an old tv so i think i'm going to stick a little painting in it. (I think it's actually an old sort of heater..)
I miss my sunglasses collection, it must be so lonely all on ot's ownsome with no-one to tell it it's beautiful...I have about 40 pairs now, hehe.

I seriously can't wait to have my own flat, you know? Or at least live on my own. I'm such a material person though, as in, i have a lot of things.
Do you like my bunny/tiger slippers?

I found a new song and then i lost it.

I try to dress differently everyday, but in reality i dress the same a lot. Especially since i don't have such a vast choice as clothes here i guess. And since i permanently wear that denim jacket and that bag and those shoes. Well, last month i did, this month i found two new pairs of shoes at the market, Mum found me a green leather bag, I got a new hat for my birthday and i knitted another one (yes, slight onsession there i'm afraid). Scarf and jacket remain i suppose.

Aren't my leggings cool though?

A big fat heart and a second hand bebendum costume

Nice huh?I'm so cool sometimes.

I told you she liked close ups..

Quote: -me: " Flims, Flims, check out my new puffer jacket" -Flims (my sister): It makes you look fat. I still haven't worn it.....

(Come back a month)

I think this car would really suit me...

What do you think, should i get them? :) :)

We also went to the beach one day, and there wzere some mad people swimming; We found ourselves surrounded by milk white (no exageration, i promise) english boys, who all sported beer-bellies or dodgy tattooes so we couldn't even droll at lovely looking bodies, which is what one normally does at the beach.

I am really not putting up my phtos in the right order...but anyway.
This was a month ago, exactly a month ago and we were still in tee-shirts. We actually had the great idea to go to the park Guëll and boil to death, surrounded by tourists (just like us, except they are tourists and we are not...find my logic in that) all dressed in flip flops and miniskirts as if we were in august..which it felt like.
Then proceded to get lost finding the metro to get back, so trudged around with painful feet for about an hour, and let me tell you, speaking from experience, the area around the parc Guëll is not one you need to trudge around for more than five minutes, i assure you.

Because it's bloody freezing in Barcelona

...I get to wear woollies


Teehee, my little prostitute booties.

This was me getting up after coming down this massive dynossaure slide near Sants, it's like a metal dynossaure sculpture and his mouth is open to make a huge slide, and his tail on the other side is a smaller slide. Really cool.

Afternoon at Tibidabo with my hand-knitted hat, another one. My sister LOVES taking mega close-ups of me, very unflattering.

I realised that when i had my period i get really bitchy and rumpy. I pity the people around me.

I colored in my converses because the friend who gave them to me, God knows why, bought them in black and white. I mean, black and white, me?
And yes, i got a woolly hat from my sister, with ears AND a pompom, which i love. I think I'm gonna try and make one.

Saturday it was my birthday...I had a crappy day

Didn't I have the nicest candles though?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I kissed the frog but he didn't turn into a Prince Charming

Soo Amsterdam was a long time ago...I was supposed to not come here (the blog) for a month or so, while i didn't have my cpu, but of course i didn't come for waaay longer...more like 3 months. Oh well, i did warn about this in the begining. What have I got to say? Well there's more to show really isn't there..
But just one thing: yesterday I went to H&M, found these nice-ish gray suede high heel boots, with a zip down the side. Don't ask me how, they had my size, and for once, my size fitted. So i hesitated, hesitated agin, and hesitated a little bit more, 50euros, hum hum, finally two hours later deciding to walk all the way back and go and get them, and guess what, they'd gone! Can you believe that? GONE. God must have decided that i just wasn't meant to have them.
It really makes me sick the way in ships like H&M or Zara, those "little" shops that happen to be in my budget, shoes-wise all they do is make a million sizes 37-38-39 and then like two pairs of 40 and if you're lucky one pair of 41 but most of the time they don't bother. Now you could say well yes, that makes sense, more peolpe have smaller feet, but then why is it that i can never, and mean never, seriuously, find the size 40?? Why is it that they always have like ten pairs of s38 left over? Explain that to me. Stupid shops with stupid nice shoes. Pffft

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've just been made into another virtual friend....on facebook

I think I've actually already mentioned this, but it really annoys me. I talked to this guys what, five times maybe, three years ago, then he ended up getting my msn, so we must of talked a few times, three years ago. And now he adds me as his firend on facebook??? WTF?
Please, please, get yourself a life.
Now he's written on my wall, maybe he had a crush on me all that time ago...pffft, i guess he wasn't nasty or anything, so i'll answer back...he's still a smurf in my books though.

Still no luck with finding blogs on Amsterdam. I posted on teenvogue, hopefully i'll get some answers there...

This was my outfit on friday. Second hand dress, green leggings, Ben Simon plims, my "bling bling" necklace....

"Blurb" i love this word

I was on teenvogue, and there was a post complaining that all these supposedly "fashion blogs " are actually just people putting up pictures of themselves, and maybe talking a bit, but of course only about themselves. And of course, that's what I'm doing isn't it? putting up pictures of myself and rambling on rubbish about my life.
But then again, I didn't say my blog was a fashion blog. It's more like me talking a bit, but mainly putting up pictures because I have never been good at the whole diary thing, my diaries usually have a life time of two weeks and then they are dropped, and also because I wanted to see what people thought of the way I dressed, because at my school I was quite a phenomen.
Meaning people don't usually dress like me around here, so yes it was to see/hear other people's reactions, and also to discover other people's styles.
So now I've written that I've decided I'm not going to get myself into a bother for being like that poster said, "self absorbed". Which is funny, because that same poster has been putting her blog link at the end of every post, which is a bit hypocritical. Anyways, she could be really nice, I'm just commenting her theory.
I should really do some publicity of my own though, or no one will ever see my blog, and the whole point is that people come and visit it.....ploum ploum, i suppose I'd better find a way to make myself known to the world....

Also, my pod is full, only 4GB of memory is just not enough, I'm having to make tough choice when in comes to choosing my music for the trip...ahhhhh

And no, i still haven't started packing, internet is in such a good mood (maybe it's the fact that I've lodged my computer on the bin to be more comfy) that I've managed to upload a load of pictures, so i'm going to continue until Internet tells me to F off in that lovely way it usually does, by randomly disconnecting me :)

A pair of knobbly knees and a teddy bear...

I feel so self centered and narcissistic (is that a word?) when i take pictures of myself. I don't mind it when other people take pictures of me, but when i take pictures of myself...bof bof. But everybody else seems to do it fine, so i guess it must just be another part of my weirdness showing.

Anyway, this was yesterday;
H+M dress, which i'm taking with me because it's nice, it's the first time i wore it I thought i didn't like it but in fact I do
The bling bling necklace i made the other day (it shouldn't really be called bling bling should it...)
My new dc martens, obviously.

I've been visiting all these blogs, and it's annoying me cos I can't leave any comments because of internet being so capricious, it just isn't worth all the trouble. so I'm going to have to wait until I get my own internet back..could be in up to three weeks, wipee, to make friends. Not really friends, what should I call them, bliends? as in blog+friends? I kind of like the word blogosphere....mmm I don't know, I'll have to think about it.

JElly Teddy

Brocante in Uzes, ha! I made such a killing!! So I spent a bit too much money really, because I've been trying to save for Amsterdam and Ireland but it was worth it. What did i get? well....

A pair of Bally red high heels (medium high really), a pair of nice boots even though i probably won't wear them, a HUGE teddy bear, two necklaces, a lovely silk blue dress, a cacharel liberty print top, a bin for my room, circular but with a malboro cigarettes sign on it, even though i don't smoke it's nice, um what else...I don't know, about four pairs of earings, a nice sparkly strippy jumper dress Alain Manoukian, a Petit Bateau raincoat, like one of those children one's, the yellow plasticky ones, something that i have always wanted..I think that's about it, but anyways, just to say it was briliant.

Now I've got to go and start packing my suitcase, mmm fun..(no seriously, i'm looking forward to it)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Dr Marten high ;)

How cool is that? Mum hates that expression, but oh well, just for once..I'm seriously on a happyness hight..after being all nostalgic after leaving Nimes and Mathias and Co (friends from last year). I would of thought home sickness would be the least of my worries, but saying goodbye to the horses this morning, then these guys this afternoon...silly me i suppose. I didn't realise changing habbits would be so hard, after spending three years moaning and groaning about Nimes, my school, the bus morning noon and night...well I'm kind of going to miss the comfort of that routine..and this is after longing for a change for..what, nearly all of those 3 years? what's wrong with me??
It must of been so hard for Emma...yes i am capable of compassion.

Anyways, just to say, I was on a Doc Marten high

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I fly like paper, get high like planes

We ended up going to the fripe today, yay yay yay! (only did that for the rime, i'm in a reasonably good mood, so long as internet doesn't mess with me too much)
The fripe is my second hand shop/warehouse, see the pictures, haha, yes I'm lucky, there are another 3!
ANyways, got a few things, amongst which another three pairs of sunglasses to add to my collection..of now 29 sunglasses exactly. Also a gold bling bling chain belt which I've tranformed into a necklace, tweedledeedee ha!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am a collectionner.

I thought I'd put up a picture of my room. Well a bit of my room. It's my latest wall, where i've nailed up all/nearly all my sunglasses, my earrings, my bracelets, my rings. And then on the door all my bags. Well actually, they are all the bags i wear, then i have another 20 or so upstairs, ones that i don't wear.
Buuut I've had a brilliant new idea for decorating my room!! it's looking good at the moment, all nice and colorful, but i'm going to put my shoes on show, i just need to move the coat hanger with all my fleeces on it...soon, hopefully soon, maybe this afternoon, because we're leaving on monday.

We ate pavlova for desert...

Didn't get to the fripe in the end. Paddy the cat is on my lap, I'm uncomfortably warm. We ate pavlova for desert, yum yum, but very bad for my tummy. Want to stay at 60 kilos for going to Ireland, be even better to be at slightly less. Anyways, another time.
Got the jeans though!! so now i finally have a pair of short cut off jean shorts! so I'm happy, I cut them earlier. That means I've one full outfit made up for Amsterdam. maybe for travelling.
Just got Rolling Stone's top 500 from a friend of Dad's.
Somebody added me on facebook, this estupida girl whom I've spoken to like twice. I mean what? We're not friends, barely acquaintances, we are never going to talk to each other again, why does she want to be my virtual friend??? I know the answer, yes, to make it seem like she has loads of friends, whatever, it just annoys me and it's really stupid.