Friday, November 28, 2008

My pretty little flat

In reality, pictures of my room., the flat is too boring.

Do not ask what that thing is, i do not know ok? It comes from the second hand market and i thought it looked like an old tv so i think i'm going to stick a little painting in it. (I think it's actually an old sort of heater..)
I miss my sunglasses collection, it must be so lonely all on ot's ownsome with no-one to tell it it's beautiful...I have about 40 pairs now, hehe.

I seriously can't wait to have my own flat, you know? Or at least live on my own. I'm such a material person though, as in, i have a lot of things.
Do you like my bunny/tiger slippers?

1 comment:

aimée said...

i friggin love toblerone!!! haha, almost as much as kinder surprises! hmmm agree can't wait to live on my own, but staying at home with a roof is quite nice for the time being.