Thursday, November 13, 2008

I kissed the frog but he didn't turn into a Prince Charming

Soo Amsterdam was a long time ago...I was supposed to not come here (the blog) for a month or so, while i didn't have my cpu, but of course i didn't come for waaay longer...more like 3 months. Oh well, i did warn about this in the begining. What have I got to say? Well there's more to show really isn't there..
But just one thing: yesterday I went to H&M, found these nice-ish gray suede high heel boots, with a zip down the side. Don't ask me how, they had my size, and for once, my size fitted. So i hesitated, hesitated agin, and hesitated a little bit more, 50euros, hum hum, finally two hours later deciding to walk all the way back and go and get them, and guess what, they'd gone! Can you believe that? GONE. God must have decided that i just wasn't meant to have them.
It really makes me sick the way in ships like H&M or Zara, those "little" shops that happen to be in my budget, shoes-wise all they do is make a million sizes 37-38-39 and then like two pairs of 40 and if you're lucky one pair of 41 but most of the time they don't bother. Now you could say well yes, that makes sense, more peolpe have smaller feet, but then why is it that i can never, and mean never, seriuously, find the size 40?? Why is it that they always have like ten pairs of s38 left over? Explain that to me. Stupid shops with stupid nice shoes. Pffft

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