Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love champagne. but why do my pictures come out so small?

It's fun because it's summer, the weather is nice, if a bit hot, the dogs are swimming in the pool, we go swimming with the horses, but there are vide-greniers nearly every sunday, and every bank holiday, and because we were in may we went to like, a dozen in total, counting the flea market as well. I got a load of stuff. Like a mega load, a truck load! HAHA.

I haven't updated this for ages.

Well nobody comes here so what's the point? Plus haven't had any pictures of my outfits for a long time.
I had a dream last night and Luna Supernova was in it. It was kinda cool we were friends, i'd come to her city (i don't vene know where she lives) and we'd met up and become friends. Weird. I haven't told her yet, she might think i'm a weird stalker.

This is when I went to London the other week for some school interviews. All on my own like a big girl. It was nice, i thought i wouldn't like it but i did. i'm going to go to Farnham in the end, school-wise. I can't wait.

My wish list has extended.

To things i cannot afford.
The worst is, i started looking up some shoes for work, and then fell on all of these. Unfair.

All Melissa shoes except the black and white ones. The said black and white one are around 700€ while the others are around 30/40£ on ebay. I'm poor.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quiero que me quieres. Por favor

I'm on holiday, in Switzerland, skiing. Actually snowboarding. I forgot to mention it before i left, and here because of lack of a) cpu b)camera c)outfits d)clothes in general; i'm not posting. Not that posting in ski clothes would even be great, i have one pair of trousers and one coat for the whole time i'm here, nothing exiting (or flattering, snowboarding clothes are not really that flattering). Though my coat is kind of cool, i got it in the red cross shop just before i left, maybe i'll put it up when i get back.

I'm stressing about schools. Apparently when i get back we have to go down to barcelona to confirm our applications over there, so i hope i get a (positive) reply from England before that and then i won't have to go. Well i'll go to accompany the sibling, party like mad and fall in love with Spain/Barcelona all over again like i do everytime i go there, but i just won't have to pass any dodgy exams in a language i don't understand (that would be catalan, not spanish)

Zermatt is nice, albeit a bit boring and ridiculously expensive. And i'm proud of that fact that i seem to be coping quite well with living with four under 10 children, including two hyperactive boys; no nervous breakdowns yet.
But i had to change the baby's nappy the other day, and it was the grossest thing i have ever done in my short life.

Be back in a while, another week or so.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love my leopard, i love any leopard

Well all of us can't have perfect pictures you know, we don't all always look great, like models on a shoot. Pffft.
Whenever i see that coat, all i can think is how much i love it.
And it also makes me happy because you know the way when it's cold outside and you're outside and you don't have enough clothes on so you're cold? Well with this coat, that never happens, it's so warm. And when it's cold outside (and everybody else is cold because they only have silly light coats on) and you are nice and toasty warm, it really helps get your happyness levels up, doesn't it?
Sheepskin, i tell you. Probably why my mother loves her fur. But i just can't wear fur, i just can't.

ANyways, pictures from our little weekend in England coming home from India when i put on another 5K in clothes from the ten second hand shops we managed to get to in just two days. HAHA.

I'm english and yet the last time I was in England for more than what, 4days, must of been....10 years ago? Say hi to your hometown babes.

(What is on my head? Mys sister, foor some reason, kept telling me that hat was great. I'm not so sure any more.)

I wish i were pretty and skinny and cool like all the other girls. And i wish my computer wasn't so fucked up.

My mother annoys me so much sometimes. Like when she comes in and starts having a go at me because the phone isn't working because somehow i have managed to plug my computer into something that has stopped the phone working except i haven't plugged my computer into anything except for the printer, and the printer doesn't have anything to do with the livebox so it couldn't of affected it anyway.
Yeah, make sense of that.
So now there are waves of cold waving around between us.

And now she's reminded me that it's 20 past one and that we have to get up at half eight tomorrow, yes mother, i know how to read the time, thanks.

If there was a competition fo who swore at their computer the most i would win it, i'm 100% sure. Swearing at things in general, such as the sewing machine when it breaks the needle or loses the thread for the tenth time, seems to be my thing at the moment.

Why do i look chubby in these pictures??HUH? Me and my constant friend, my double chin, hahahaha.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"All that glitters is not gold" apparently, says the new Nylon

Gold is my new green, except for St Paddy's of course. (which was crap btw, hope other people had a better one). I've been wearing as many broches/chains as possible in one go without looking completly stupid. I think i've been succeding pretty well.
And i found most of them (the chains obsession is not very old, less than a couple of weeks) in the flea marke in Brussels.
And then we went into H&M, and guess what, their new collection of accessories is a load of gold chains too.
Add to that my dresses, tights, jumper dress, socks, and that waistcoat from topshop i would love, and i could turn into gold one of these days. Or turn gold colored. Be better than pasty-pastry white.
The minimalist style is just not for me.

And, and, and; and anyway, I feel like a rabbit today.