Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Blurb" i love this word

I was on teenvogue, and there was a post complaining that all these supposedly "fashion blogs " are actually just people putting up pictures of themselves, and maybe talking a bit, but of course only about themselves. And of course, that's what I'm doing isn't it? putting up pictures of myself and rambling on rubbish about my life.
But then again, I didn't say my blog was a fashion blog. It's more like me talking a bit, but mainly putting up pictures because I have never been good at the whole diary thing, my diaries usually have a life time of two weeks and then they are dropped, and also because I wanted to see what people thought of the way I dressed, because at my school I was quite a phenomen.
Meaning people don't usually dress like me around here, so yes it was to see/hear other people's reactions, and also to discover other people's styles.
So now I've written that I've decided I'm not going to get myself into a bother for being like that poster said, "self absorbed". Which is funny, because that same poster has been putting her blog link at the end of every post, which is a bit hypocritical. Anyways, she could be really nice, I'm just commenting her theory.
I should really do some publicity of my own though, or no one will ever see my blog, and the whole point is that people come and visit it.....ploum ploum, i suppose I'd better find a way to make myself known to the world....

Also, my pod is full, only 4GB of memory is just not enough, I'm having to make tough choice when in comes to choosing my music for the trip...ahhhhh

And no, i still haven't started packing, internet is in such a good mood (maybe it's the fact that I've lodged my computer on the bin to be more comfy) that I've managed to upload a load of pictures, so i'm going to continue until Internet tells me to F off in that lovely way it usually does, by randomly disconnecting me :)

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