Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We ate pavlova for desert...

Didn't get to the fripe in the end. Paddy the cat is on my lap, I'm uncomfortably warm. We ate pavlova for desert, yum yum, but very bad for my tummy. Want to stay at 60 kilos for going to Ireland, be even better to be at slightly less. Anyways, another time.
Got the jeans though!! so now i finally have a pair of short cut off jean shorts! so I'm happy, I cut them earlier. That means I've one full outfit made up for Amsterdam. maybe for travelling.
Just got Rolling Stone's top 500 from a friend of Dad's.
Somebody added me on facebook, this estupida girl whom I've spoken to like twice. I mean what? We're not friends, barely acquaintances, we are never going to talk to each other again, why does she want to be my virtual friend??? I know the answer, yes, to make it seem like she has loads of friends, whatever, it just annoys me and it's really stupid.

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