Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've just been made into another virtual friend....on facebook

I think I've actually already mentioned this, but it really annoys me. I talked to this guys what, five times maybe, three years ago, then he ended up getting my msn, so we must of talked a few times, three years ago. And now he adds me as his firend on facebook??? WTF?
Please, please, get yourself a life.
Now he's written on my wall, maybe he had a crush on me all that time ago...pffft, i guess he wasn't nasty or anything, so i'll answer back...he's still a smurf in my books though.

Still no luck with finding blogs on Amsterdam. I posted on teenvogue, hopefully i'll get some answers there...

This was my outfit on friday. Second hand dress, green leggings, Ben Simon plims, my "bling bling" necklace....

1 comment:

Mary said...

FACEBOOK CREEPERS! Hate them, so awkward.

atleast you look adorable in that picture!