Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Dr Marten high ;)

How cool is that? Mum hates that expression, but oh well, just for once..I'm seriously on a happyness hight..after being all nostalgic after leaving Nimes and Mathias and Co (friends from last year). I would of thought home sickness would be the least of my worries, but saying goodbye to the horses this morning, then these guys this afternoon...silly me i suppose. I didn't realise changing habbits would be so hard, after spending three years moaning and groaning about Nimes, my school, the bus morning noon and night...well I'm kind of going to miss the comfort of that routine..and this is after longing for a change for..what, nearly all of those 3 years? what's wrong with me??
It must of been so hard for Emma...yes i am capable of compassion.

Anyways, just to say, I was on a Doc Marten high

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