Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love champagne. but why do my pictures come out so small?

It's fun because it's summer, the weather is nice, if a bit hot, the dogs are swimming in the pool, we go swimming with the horses, but there are vide-greniers nearly every sunday, and every bank holiday, and because we were in may we went to like, a dozen in total, counting the flea market as well. I got a load of stuff. Like a mega load, a truck load! HAHA.

I haven't updated this for ages.

Well nobody comes here so what's the point? Plus haven't had any pictures of my outfits for a long time.
I had a dream last night and Luna Supernova was in it. It was kinda cool we were friends, i'd come to her city (i don't vene know where she lives) and we'd met up and become friends. Weird. I haven't told her yet, she might think i'm a weird stalker.

This is when I went to London the other week for some school interviews. All on my own like a big girl. It was nice, i thought i wouldn't like it but i did. i'm going to go to Farnham in the end, school-wise. I can't wait.

My wish list has extended.

To things i cannot afford.
The worst is, i started looking up some shoes for work, and then fell on all of these. Unfair.

All Melissa shoes except the black and white ones. The said black and white one are around 700€ while the others are around 30/40£ on ebay. I'm poor.