Sunday, September 7, 2008

JElly Teddy

Brocante in Uzes, ha! I made such a killing!! So I spent a bit too much money really, because I've been trying to save for Amsterdam and Ireland but it was worth it. What did i get? well....

A pair of Bally red high heels (medium high really), a pair of nice boots even though i probably won't wear them, a HUGE teddy bear, two necklaces, a lovely silk blue dress, a cacharel liberty print top, a bin for my room, circular but with a malboro cigarettes sign on it, even though i don't smoke it's nice, um what else...I don't know, about four pairs of earings, a nice sparkly strippy jumper dress Alain Manoukian, a Petit Bateau raincoat, like one of those children one's, the yellow plasticky ones, something that i have always wanted..I think that's about it, but anyways, just to say it was briliant.

Now I've got to go and start packing my suitcase, mmm fun..(no seriously, i'm looking forward to it)

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