Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quiero que me quieres. Por favor

I'm on holiday, in Switzerland, skiing. Actually snowboarding. I forgot to mention it before i left, and here because of lack of a) cpu b)camera c)outfits d)clothes in general; i'm not posting. Not that posting in ski clothes would even be great, i have one pair of trousers and one coat for the whole time i'm here, nothing exiting (or flattering, snowboarding clothes are not really that flattering). Though my coat is kind of cool, i got it in the red cross shop just before i left, maybe i'll put it up when i get back.

I'm stressing about schools. Apparently when i get back we have to go down to barcelona to confirm our applications over there, so i hope i get a (positive) reply from England before that and then i won't have to go. Well i'll go to accompany the sibling, party like mad and fall in love with Spain/Barcelona all over again like i do everytime i go there, but i just won't have to pass any dodgy exams in a language i don't understand (that would be catalan, not spanish)

Zermatt is nice, albeit a bit boring and ridiculously expensive. And i'm proud of that fact that i seem to be coping quite well with living with four under 10 children, including two hyperactive boys; no nervous breakdowns yet.
But i had to change the baby's nappy the other day, and it was the grossest thing i have ever done in my short life.

Be back in a while, another week or so.