Friday, November 28, 2008

(Come back a month)

I think this car would really suit me...

What do you think, should i get them? :) :)

We also went to the beach one day, and there wzere some mad people swimming; We found ourselves surrounded by milk white (no exageration, i promise) english boys, who all sported beer-bellies or dodgy tattooes so we couldn't even droll at lovely looking bodies, which is what one normally does at the beach.

I am really not putting up my phtos in the right order...but anyway.
This was a month ago, exactly a month ago and we were still in tee-shirts. We actually had the great idea to go to the park Guëll and boil to death, surrounded by tourists (just like us, except they are tourists and we are not...find my logic in that) all dressed in flip flops and miniskirts as if we were in august..which it felt like.
Then proceded to get lost finding the metro to get back, so trudged around with painful feet for about an hour, and let me tell you, speaking from experience, the area around the parc Guëll is not one you need to trudge around for more than five minutes, i assure you.

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