Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New blog, maybe this one will last better than the last

Internet is bugging (i'm squatting the neighbour's wifi, so i'm sitting on the cold hard floor as close as possible to the bathroom wall..yay) so I'm not going to stay for long on this. It's just a blog about me, my clothes, yes I'm one of those weird people called clothes addicts. I'm bored at the moment, in a week i start my gap year, off to Amsterdam (yes! Amsterdam baby, Amsterdam!) and i was crusing around that world wide web, commonly known as internet, and fell on (don't worry, i didn't hurt myself) these fashion blogs. I didn't actually like them that much, but they made me want to do my own. Not that I'm very good with blogs/diaries/myspace/facebook..anything you have to look after regularly, ar at least are supposed to look after regularly. But as i said, boredom is making me do things, even uncomfortable on my lovely red and yellow bathroom tiles.

Yes so I'm wondering if other people dress like me. Everybody around here dresses in black. Or brown, or gray, or variations of gray! So just like my life at the moment, fashion around here is very boring (even though i don't go out much) so I'm running away to the www.dot to find something exciting.
Oh and also to hopefully post the pictures of my gap year...we'll see about that

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