Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My sister and I decided to do our own photoshoot, just for fun. Please ignore all the weird things around us, the weird poses and expressions on our/my faces, and also i haven't bothered photoshopping the pictures so don't be surprised if they're a bit funny. It's our first time and we went a bit mad, so tell me what you think, I haven't put the pictures of my sister up because i think she didn't want me to. And i dont know why but some of the pictures went fuzzy, sorry.

You can't really see but i have a load of pins and brooches, they're my latest faze, i love them and pin them onto anything. Also any kind of gold chain/earring/bangle.
I was just wondering what people might think of our afternoon of fun, so i thought i'd post some pictures up.
By the way, I seem to be a second-hand clothes addict in this, and i am, but i do also buy some (a lot of) new things, only for this most of the things we used are not.
And also, i'd like to say, i wouldn't wear most/all of these outfits, it was just for the photos.

Slippers are fom India, they're made of felt (it gets really cold here in the winter, ironie of all ironies), leggings from topshop, gold sparkly jumper from the second hand shop, necklaces from all over the place.

Shiny cycling leggings from the second hand shop, shoes are off roller-skates, i unscrewed them from the wheels, leopard print scarf is from India, black and gold sparkly cardi from the second hand shop as well, glasses, the forst ones are Balenciagga and the second ones Emmanuel Khan both from an antiques fair.

Me and my friends, hahaha. The leggings are the cheap 3-pounds-from-primark version of the american apparel ones and they are horribly uncomfy, hence the nice price, old Doc Martens, and sailor's coat from the second-hand shop. Sunglasses from the second hand shop as well.

Jacket from the red cross shop in town, leggings topshop also a long time ago, boots i'ms not sure, i got them a few years ago and have never really worn them (they are pink wellies with a hell and with cherries on them...hard to wear in a small town), necklaces from the flea market and bag inherited from my Mum. Please ignore the can-man-lampshade next to me.

Leggings from a vintage shop in Amsterdam, red wool jumper from the flea market in Barcelona, old Doc Martens from when we were 14, necklaces i made myself from bits and pieces.

Leggings from a vintage shop in Amsterdam, Denim jacket from my Dad when he was 19, Nikes ten euros from a flea market in Spain, dress from topshop a long time ago, hat from a vintage shop in Greenwidge. I really don't like that mannequin/octopus, hence the pose.


**ane** said...

nice pictures!!
many thanks for entering! I know my blog isn't outstanding, I feel like a total beginner yet. and I also write in spanish cos I'm spanish :)
I write it all in both languages so that more people can understand, and since I'm really fond of writing in English. It is what I'm gonna study at college, so I do it to improve a bit.
many thanks again!

Anonymous said...

i like how colorful your outfits are

Gabrielle. said...

thank you, dear!

oh my gosh! my sister and i did a homemade photoshoot too! you should check it out- it's pretty far down on my blog.

it's not as cool as yours, but hey. we tried. i love those metallic leggings of yours, by the way.