Friday, March 6, 2009

I am bloody bored

Who else would complain: gap year, travelling, resting, no homework, no early hours except to go to the flea market, riding whenever i want (practically), sleeping,......But no, i know i shouldn't but i'm complaining, i'm so bloody bored. I'd like to get a job, n°1 choice being in a vintage clothes/second-hand/charity shop. And get my driver's license, because then i would be free, free as the wind. But no, instead i am stuck at hme and when faced with the possibility of going out (tonight) i'm hesitating, because, well.....let's formulate this right, i don't even like any of the people around here.


"Think of all the little africans who are a life way worse than yours". Don't worry, everytime I complain (always internally or written somewhere no-one will see it such as here) I think of them. No worries there.
God, i'm so confused.

Amsterdam was a looooong time ago. But I don't have any pictures of my recent outfits. Since most of the days i stay in pijamas all days because i don't go out and can't find a reason to get dressed (i'm not manic depressive, it's just too cold in my house and really, there's isn't any point in getting out of my comfy-hanging-around-clothes) and also because i feeel terribly vain taking pictures of myself because i always end up taking about twenty before getting a nice one and nobody's been around to take any pictures for me.
Anyway, sorry, i'll stop rabitting.

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