Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love my leopard, i love any leopard

Well all of us can't have perfect pictures you know, we don't all always look great, like models on a shoot. Pffft.
Whenever i see that coat, all i can think is how much i love it.
And it also makes me happy because you know the way when it's cold outside and you're outside and you don't have enough clothes on so you're cold? Well with this coat, that never happens, it's so warm. And when it's cold outside (and everybody else is cold because they only have silly light coats on) and you are nice and toasty warm, it really helps get your happyness levels up, doesn't it?
Sheepskin, i tell you. Probably why my mother loves her fur. But i just can't wear fur, i just can't.

ANyways, pictures from our little weekend in England coming home from India when i put on another 5K in clothes from the ten second hand shops we managed to get to in just two days. HAHA.

I'm english and yet the last time I was in England for more than what, 4days, must of been....10 years ago? Say hi to your hometown babes.

(What is on my head? Mys sister, foor some reason, kept telling me that hat was great. I'm not so sure any more.)

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