Sunday, March 29, 2009

I wish i were pretty and skinny and cool like all the other girls. And i wish my computer wasn't so fucked up.

My mother annoys me so much sometimes. Like when she comes in and starts having a go at me because the phone isn't working because somehow i have managed to plug my computer into something that has stopped the phone working except i haven't plugged my computer into anything except for the printer, and the printer doesn't have anything to do with the livebox so it couldn't of affected it anyway.
Yeah, make sense of that.
So now there are waves of cold waving around between us.

And now she's reminded me that it's 20 past one and that we have to get up at half eight tomorrow, yes mother, i know how to read the time, thanks.

If there was a competition fo who swore at their computer the most i would win it, i'm 100% sure. Swearing at things in general, such as the sewing machine when it breaks the needle or loses the thread for the tenth time, seems to be my thing at the moment.

Why do i look chubby in these pictures??HUH? Me and my constant friend, my double chin, hahahaha.

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