Saturday, March 21, 2009

"All that glitters is not gold" apparently, says the new Nylon

Gold is my new green, except for St Paddy's of course. (which was crap btw, hope other people had a better one). I've been wearing as many broches/chains as possible in one go without looking completly stupid. I think i've been succeding pretty well.
And i found most of them (the chains obsession is not very old, less than a couple of weeks) in the flea marke in Brussels.
And then we went into H&M, and guess what, their new collection of accessories is a load of gold chains too.
Add to that my dresses, tights, jumper dress, socks, and that waistcoat from topshop i would love, and i could turn into gold one of these days. Or turn gold colored. Be better than pasty-pastry white.
The minimalist style is just not for me.

And, and, and; and anyway, I feel like a rabbit today.


yoooo. said...

i didnt do anything special on st patricks day, haha.

lovely accesories!


yoooo. said...

Omg thanks for the comment you have given me hope! ;)