Friday, March 6, 2009

I have an illness called glitter

It's true, everything i want to buy recently is shiny.
I've also discovered brooches (i had to look that up to spell it right), which i always though were old looking, or at least i never liked them, and now i've attached five to my lastest favorite cardi. Which i've worn three days in a row, unheard of for me. Mum says i'm like a magpie. I like it :) :) :)
I also have a fake diamond on a gold chain as a necklace, and fake diamond matching earrings. Which i made myself, which i love. And a fake diamond ring, which i found in the recesses of one of Mum's many magic drawers.
So glitter and gold (which i just now discovered is the new "in" color haha) and leopard print are my latest, er, obsessions? that's a bit strong. "Fixations", my latest fixations, much better.
Making jewllery is nice, and way easier than dressmaking, ew ew. I tried to make a dress following a pattern that i'd made. Didn't really work. something to do with having to sew in a straight line?

My toes are sticking out and they're getting very cold. My dog is now on a diet, she's in human weight 30 kilos overweight. She's on "obesity-managment food". Sweet.
And the speakers on my computer are all fucked up.
I love life.

Pictures are from Ireland. The mini with the heels wasn't such a good idea for going around little country towns.

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