Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love champagne. but why do my pictures come out so small?

It's fun because it's summer, the weather is nice, if a bit hot, the dogs are swimming in the pool, we go swimming with the horses, but there are vide-greniers nearly every sunday, and every bank holiday, and because we were in may we went to like, a dozen in total, counting the flea market as well. I got a load of stuff. Like a mega load, a truck load! HAHA.


fritha louise said...

love the colours in your outfit. and those glasses are fantastic.
i got the studs for my studded shorts off ebay by the way, i think i just searched for silver studs in the craft section, they were really cheap.

Anonymous said...

Love your top and the cardigan.

Gabrielle. said...

thank you! by the way, i love the header for your blog. those are some real snazzy docs. ;)


Andie said...

i love that top, and the docs in your banner are awesome!